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Anita Patwardhan Butler

VP, Design & Head of Consumer Design


Twitter Fuck-Ups: Where Innovation Is Born

“We all fuck up, even at Twitter”. In this talk, Anita will talk about how the team at Twitter strives to build a culture of experimentation that values learning and transparency over success. You’ll dive deep into the behaviors that allowed Twitter to create a culture that embraces learning and being bold, such as proactivity, intellectual honesty, simplifying & accelerating, and obsessing over customer experience. Anita will also share three case studies:
– one that launched successfully, then failed
– one that failed, then launched successfully
– one that failed to launch, yet

About Anita

Anita Butler is a Boston-based design executive at Twitter who leads design for all of Twitter’s customer experiences. She is passionate about Twitter – ensuring that customers connect with the content, people and conversations that matters most to them. She drives her team to keeping Twitter safe and healthy and protecting the public conversation. Anita loves to go deep into design in order to deliver an informed and holistic user experience. 

Prior to Twitter, Anita was the Head of Design for Facebook’s Stories Experience where she helped build and grow the Stories format. At Facebook, she learned deeply how social networks work, the human connections people crave and why people share. Anita lives with her husband and 2 boys in Boston. In her spare time, she likes to make things and torture her kids with long hikes and walks on the beach.